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ComponentMin. Version
Audio32.dll2.12.221.0 (as minimum, part of release 2019.2)



.NET 4.8

Known issues

  • Recommendation to all customers. For already existed BCSS configurations reduce parameter FileHandlingResultKeepTime in "Service" section from 60000 (old default value) to 5000 to avoid out of memory. New BCSS versions set it to 5000 in new configurations by default
  • If client locked BCS node and then unexpected terminated (e.g. killed in Task Manager) locked node will be unlocked only after client inactivity connection timeout is exceeded
  • Full name in DigaSystem must be always filled and be unique by every user. Otherwise, isn't possible to set properly speaker & speaking speed in broadcast list

Fixed Vulnerabilities

  • OIA-932 - Preventing grant access to BCS for user, if user with the same login already authenticated by service

New features

  • Support sublevels in BCS metadata if notification was initiated on higher level as notified node only with affected BCS metadata

  • Compatibility with more strict path processing rules after .NET security update

  • Calculate loudness state for metadata from BCS notifications. Warning! This solution can be very unperformable
  • Separate handling out of memory workflow
  • Detailed information about allocated file handling tasks
  • Detailed information about allocated connections from client
  • Information about adding / removing file handling tasks in cache in debug log

Fixed Issues

  • SGU-5440 - Deallocate failed file handling task
  • SGU-5440 - Reduce default keep time for values from file handling job result to prevent out of memory
  • SGU-5446 - Release file handling resources immediately after task is done
  • SGU-5446 - Prevent potential race condition by file handling task releasing
  • SGU-5446 - Minimize to use number of BCSHelpers file handling task to update speaker for the whole show
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