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Broadcast Server

BCS.EXE5.9.381.2 (Patch)


  • DigaSQL.dll 3.18.3489.0 (recommended)

Breaking Changes

  • CCD-42817: If a node has a relative start and the referenced node gets deleted without deleting the relative node, too, BCS sets the start attributes of the relative node now to Manual/Floating instead of StartOnTime/FixedStart.

New features

  • It is possible to deactivate the verification of a login of an ActiveDirectory user now with the setting: BroadcastServer\<config name>\General\VerifyADLogin=FALSE. This is only intended as help for the gradual migration of a setup with old clients and should not be used otherwise!

Fixed Issue

  • CCD-42807 - When a remote GUI was connected and then a client tried to log in (or the BCS itself when checking its own availability) BCS could run into a deadlock situation, in which most of the threads were blocked and did not work anymore.
  • CCD-41237, CCD-42889 - When one client had a short-time lock set for a node and another client wanted to perform an operation with one of the locked nodes, it could happen that BCS crashed. This was a problem since version 5.5.340.0 of 2018-08-13.
  • When a client did an UpdateNodeTree operation, existing node locks for children of the updated node got lost
  • When a client did a MoveBlock operation and one of the specified child nodes was short-time locked by another client, BCS returned the wrong error: "A node was deleted while waiting for the node to become lock-free.""
  • The function to delete a month or a year did not wait for short-time locks child nodes to become free.
  • CCD-42992 - When inserting new days (content), shows or tracks, BCS computes new IDs for the nodes since version 5.9.379.0. This happens for track nodes, too, but this turned out to interfere with remote links to tracks. Now BCS tries to keep the IDs of track nodes whenever possible. Ideally, use this patch together with DigAIRange 5.10.847.8 or newer, because there is a patch in DigAIRange, too. It helps to keep the ID of track nodes and remote link information in insert shows/track operations.
  • BCS did not allow to delete a track node with a dead remote link (to a no longer existing remote track).
  • CCD-42929 - Day templates, which were specified for a weekday and in addition for a single specific target date were used for other days with the same weekday but a different date.
  • CCD-42992 - The last build had the new error that new tracks created from DigAIRange always had the ID 0.
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