BUS5.10.753.5 (Patch)


  • Audio32.dll (minimum), (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.18.3489.0 (recommended)
  • ElasticIndex (for Index Task only)

Breaking Changes

  • Export task / Import task: In build 738 a change was made that remote-link information of shows and tracks was removed, because these fields could make problems when being re-imported. This change was reverted, the PD_REMOTE fields are now present in exports again. Instead, these fields are removed now during the import. (SGU-5374/CCD-42601)

New Features

  • CCD-42594, CCD-42941 RadioADServer task
    • Extended the log output. Before and after each call to the NativeRASAdapter.dll a log output is made if debug logging for the task has been activated.
    • If connecting to the configured RadioADServer URI fails, an additional connect attempt via standard Windows TCP/IP functions is tried for debugging purposes. This is only done if debug logging is active.
    • Extended debug log for all Adremes callbacks.

Fixed Issues

  • CCD-42594, CCD-42941- RadioADServer task. Send broadcasting protocol actively for the elements in groups & stories
  • OIA-502 - Export task: When BUS was running as a Windows service, the special field <PresentationText> in the exported data was not created.
  • CCD-42844 - Import task: If the option "Work within hour separators" was selected and the destination show did have only a single hour separator at the beginning of the show but no other separator, no import for this show was done at all.