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ContextualAudioEditing (CAE)



Contextual Audio Editing0.7.3.0


  • For now, CAE must be used with Content Manager version 2.4
  • Optional:
    • To fully benefit from CAE, transcription service is recommended - but not necessary
    • CAE can be delivered as a Docker Image.

Initial Release

  • Support of main use-cases
    • Produce audio content easily from anywhere
    • Produce content from anywhere, offline
    • Easily repurpose content fast
  • Checkout
  • Features:
    • Edit your audio quickly using text or without text, in audio-only view
    • Import and save audio element entries with text or without from and to Content Manager
    • Create fade curves in the timeline and adjust audio gain points with shortcuts
    • Connect your transcription integration to CAE to transcribe in your editor
    • Work offline by exporting and saving to a local machine, or "install" CAE through Chrome browser
    • Setting duration of content to time your stories
    • Quickly detect and remove silence or non transcribed audio
    • Search mode for repurposing content quickly
    • Select your input source and record your content directly in CAE
    • Localization support for German and French as well as support for special users
    • Snapping elements (magnet button) to work more precisely with your elements
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