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Database Manager (DBM)

DBM v5.x





  • DBM requires Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 (Download “vcredist_x86.exe” at
  • It is recommended to deploy also XceedZip.dll, delivered together with DBM, as this DLL is needed for *.entry file export/import.
  • It is recommended to use DigaSQL.dll 3.19.3492.0
  • It is required to use MultiRec 4.8.322.0
  • It is required to use DigaRTF.ocx
  • It is required to use Loudness Visualization Control (LVC.ocx)
  • It is recommended to use DigaContentTabHost.dll
  • It is recommended to use OtmControl.ocx
  • Using Elasticsearch based full-text index requires installation of ElasticIndex.dll and relies on proper configured DPE ContentService
  • Receiving message from DPE MessageService requires connection to the DPE backend
New Features
  • CCD-41907 - Further reduce height of entry mask on small screens

  • CCD-41636 - Configurable "drop rate" of True Peak indicator; new parameter "Loudness|LVC_TP_DecayRate"
  • CCD-42584 - Entry Mask: Enable NumKP shortcuts; new parameter "DBM|ActivateNumKPShortcutsInEditFields"
Fixed issues
  • CCD-42623 - MessageBox enhancements
  • CCD-42824 - MusicID counter is increased twice (when creating entry with editor)
  • CCD-42816 - Shows in Selection Tree are not ordered
  • CCD-42838, CCD-42990 - Table group selection box disappears after using the Settings dialog
  • CCD-42859 - Crash when elements are loaded from the MultiTable search into OTM / MultiTable search error when OTM opened from Entry mask
  • CCD-42886 - NamedPipes error when opening MTE/ETE without loading audio
  • CCD-43085 - Entry Mask: Cannot select department by keyboard
  • OIA-594 - Drag&Drop of data in "DBX" Clipboard Format to DBM doesn't work

New MultiRec Features
  • CCD-41907 - Further reduce height of entry mask on small screens (when used in DBM)
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