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DigAIRange5.10.847.8 (Patch)


  • BCS 5.9.381.2 (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.18.3489.0 (recommended)
  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.8.322.0 (recommended)
  • OTMControl.ocx 2.6.731.0 (recommended)
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaContentTabHost (of Release 2020.2)

Fixed Issue

  • CCD-42844 - If the import option "Work within hour separators" was selected and the destination show did have only a single hour separator at the beginning of the show but no other separator, no import for this show was done at all.
  • CCD-42992 - When inserting an individual track node with a drag&drop operation in the tree view, DigAIRange tries now to keep the ID of the track node. This should help to not interfere with remote links to tracks. Please use BCS version 5.9.381.1 or newer, too. In addition, DigAIRange tries to keep remote link information now when inserting individual shows or tracks with drag/drop operations in the tree view.
  • CCD-42928 - In grid windows it could happen that the vertical scroll bar was not sufficient to scroll through all lines. This was a bug in the implementation of the "embellished" scrollbars.
  • SGU-5610 - The track selector box could extend too much down so that it was covered by the Windows task bar.
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