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New Features

  • S2T visualization near waveform
  • EaoTransport.playMode
  • Special Play Modes for EAO
  • Added missing styling abilities to EAO ruler
  • Curser animation set to "grab" when the cursor is on timeline element
  • Level metering bar in EAO
  • Added a method to an updated transcript
  • Start recording should not force the head mode to fixed
  • Update the text (displayed above the waveform)

Fixed issues

  • OIA-108 - Transcoding text area shows text only after moving head away from position 0
  • OIA-290 - No audio on play-range functions

  • OIA-287 - Sporadic wiggling sound-head on mouse-over eao-sequenceImplement level metering bar in EAO

  • OIA-358 - Clip flickering when dragged after zooming to 100% in the timeline
  • OIA-437 - Clicking on the top half part of the waveform does not focus on EAOSequence
  • OIA-444 - Playing a mp2 file is not cleaning up it's web-workers
  • OIA-445 - Text cursor disappears when performing Delete or CutRange operations
  • OIA-520 - Short drop-outs during playback

  • OIA-774 - Safari: Waveform disappears on drag action

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