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New Quarterly Release Schedule

In order to provide the latest features and bug fixes to our Customers more quickly, DAVID Systems will deliver new and updated software on a quarterly basis (i.e., every 3 months... was every 6 months).

Generally, deliveries will occur around February (Q1), May (Q2), August (Q3), and November (Q4):

  • Releases in Q2 and Q4 will usually include "final" versions of feature increments, and latest bug fixes for maintenance versions (i.e., patches)
    • These releases are similar to the traditional biannual release pattern
  • Releases in Q1 and Q3 will include the very latest feature increments and bug fixes (i.e., "pre-release" versions)
    • These "in between" releases accelerate access to software improvements as well as the opportunity for DAVID to gather and respond to Customer feedback 

Extended DigaCare Value

For Release 2022.1.0, we are extending value to our DigaCare customers in a number of ways:

Media Production Audio

  • Initial release of ROAD and ROAD clients for replacing first MultiCoder use cases
    • ROAD Service API now supports secured connections, relaying between Service hosts, hosts management, robust recording of web streams, and some new APIs
    • ROAD Admin is available with a completely new and functionality, including a Job Monitor and administrating ROAD Hosts
    • Initial release of the ROAD Scheduling client
    • InstaRecorder is released for productive use now - known issues were fixed, and UI has been refined

  • Beta release of ContextualAudioEditing for selected customers
    • Easily produce quick turn-around audio content from anywhere
    • If you are interested in exploring this beta release, please contact Asaf Erlich or Maximilian Wagner  


  • We have extended EmbededAudioObject SDK functionality by providing powerful timeline features inside EAO, inspired by development of our ContextualAudioEditing application
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