TurboPlayer5.10.2391.3 (Patch)


  • BCS 5.9.381.2 (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.18.3489.0 (recommended)
  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.8.322.0 (recommended)
  • OTMControl.ocx 2.6.731.0 (recommended)
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaStory.ocx
  • Audio32.dll

Fixed Issues

  • The internal communication between the submodules of TurboPlayer did not work correctly if TurboPlayer was running on a computer with an up-time since last reboot of more than 49 days. When starting on such a system, the typical failure was a timeout in the GUI when trying to get the list of programs after connecting to BCS. This was a bug since version 5.7.2307.0.
  • CCD-42725, CCD-42696:  Tried to fix and/or handle a potential crash in conjunction with OnAIR TrackMixer, GUI buttons and Windows focus handling. Hint: crashes were reported happening when saving in OTM.
  • CCD-42268, CCD-42039: The option "Start play when middle mouseclick or dropped onto OTM" for OnAIR TrackMixer did not work in multitrack mode.
  • CCD-42781 - Adding new fields in the tab "View" of the settings of a player window did not work. It was possible to add a field to the list, but afterwards the field could not be placed somewhere in the grid. This was a bug since the implementation of the waveform view in version 4.7.1606.0.
  • CCD-42779 - When inserting new content into a group, TurboPlayer did not apply the properties "DefaultStartMode", "BufferFlag" and "Reserve" from the destination group to the new content.