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ContextualAudioEditing (CAE)



Contextual Audio Editing0.7.12.0


  • For now, CAE must be used with Content Manager 2.4.301.5 or newer
  • Content Manager must be using the Waveform generation and LowRes workflows
  • Optional:
    • To fully benefit from CAE, transcription service is recommended - but not necessary
    • We can adapt CAE for any transcription service - as long as it uses modern APIs
    • In the case of non-modern APIs, special requests for evaluations are required 
    • CAE is delivered as a Docker Image, for any customer with a running Docker registry.

Fixed Vulnerabilities

  • Update node dependencies in EAO project to fix vulnerabilities
  • support secure Dpe Token

New Feature

  • When opening CAE from CM plugin CAE should show a kind of "Wait" dialog

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-907 - CAE is using requesting DPE root URL instead of /api/health to detect if provider is avail

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