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  • Update node dependencies in EAO project to fix vulnerabilities
  • Remove "internal" from "internal error" in EAO

New Features

  • update outdated library - migrate/upgrade to LitElement
  • explore/add Helmet to rest-server example
  • start documenting rest-server-example in jsdoc and certificate issue from security reports
  • update build dependencies
  • export eao-sequence marker-type parts in eao-core

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-861 - EAO: separate mixer gain-adjustment and master volume
  • OIA-1048 - DPE/EAO: exception in log by eao-level-meter (for user JMA)
  • OIA-1456 - CM: EAO player cannot seek anymore
  • OIA-1544 - EAO Sequence Markers not Synced if MouseUp Outside <eao-sequence>

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