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OnAIR TrackMixer


OTM 2.7.758.0

OTM 2.6.731.9 Bugfix branch only

Dependencies (recommended versions)

  • DBM 5.8.8224.0
  • DigAIRange 6.0.917.0
  • TurboPlayer 6.0.2421.0
  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.8.327.0
  • Audio32.dll
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package is required for OTM and Audio32.dll.
  • If any of the XAML files are in use, after updating OTM it is required to select the renamed XAML files in order to work reliable with OTM. This needs to be done in the Settings of DigAIRange and TurboPlayer. If none of the XAML files are selected than nothing has to be done.

New features

  • General
    • Added "Move to Start" and "Move to End"-Buttons
    • Parameter "SoundheadPositionOnLoad" ignores now Transition and Overlaid elements
    • New error message when you have a wrong XAML file-path configured

  • UI
    • OTM marks visible Area in the overview track (1-Track-Mode)
    • Add Link In/Out in the overview track (1-Track-Mode)
    • Adapt OTM sliders to dark scheme
    • When holding CTRL you can adjust fade points in 0.1 dB steps

  • New Functionality with New Parameters
    • Show the vertical indicator line at the position of the MarkIn of the next element.
      • NextMarkInIndicatorVisibility
      • Default false (Line is not visible)
    • Stop the playout in single track mode at the mark out
      • StopPlaybackAtMarkOut
      • Default false (Playout stops at end of the audio file)
    • Defines the minimum amplitude a fade point can have. This value is defined in dB.
      • FadePointLowerScale
      • Default -98.0
    • Change the scale type of amplitude scale
      • ScaleType
      • Default LogScale (Logarithmic scale is used)
    • Change the default center position for zoom action (Zoom with and without holding CTRL)
      • ZoomDefaultCenterPosition
      • Default Soundhead 
    • Show or hide the toolbar buttons 'Move to Start' and 'Move to End
      • ShowMoveToButtons
      • Default false

Fixed issues

  • OIA-941 - Fade points on the very bottom cannot be moved horizontally

  • OIA-1045 - CCDA-3128 OTM: Recording with Activate Start Next mode skips beginning of the next element

  • OIA-1193 - OTM: Audio playback stuttering

  • OIA-1555 - CCDA-3286/CCDA-3304 With “MediadirectoriesToUse" par no files can be loaded in OTM: “File not found…”

  • OIA-1585 - CCDA-3102 Annoying dialog box in OTM

  • OIA-1296 - CCDA-3215: OTM: end fade when a general gain and an insert voice are added
  • OIA-1480 - CCDA-3255: OTM gain make the application hang
  • STT-7215 - CCDA-2984: TP-OTM: After track mode switch the ZoomRange of 1-Track-mode is kept
  • STT-6878 - CCDA-1355: Shortcut "Reset Transition" has to be executed twice sometimes
  • STT-7234 - DR not responding when you try to record

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