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ROAD Clients



ROAD Clients1.1.73


  • Minimum ROAD backend version 1.3.449.0
  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed

New Features

  • All clients
    • Remove all links in DAVID menu except Content Manager
    • Add help link to ROAD documentation
    • Improve overall styling
    • Offer docker images for all clients
    • Offer docker-compose options for ROAD Clients and MongoDB
  • InstaRecorder
    • Introduce Effects Switch
    • Change Volume While Dragging Fader
    • Align base Settings with other clients
    • Add Option "Reset UI"
    • Disable recorder button while no channel is selected
    • Allow InstaRecorder to Sync across different versions
  • Scheduling
    • Make Input Field Segment Length Always Visible
    • Extend Possible Values in Column "NextOccurence"
  • Job Monitor
    • Show better explanation when fetching logs fails
    • Improve Pagination for Log Files

Fixed Issues

  • InstaRecorder
    • Fix wrong alignment on handle and value scale on slider
    • Fix Markers Functionality
  • Scheduling
    • Fix bugs in name-based schedule search
    • Fix schedule creation not failing when service fails
    • OIA-1119 - Fix Selected worker host in schedule editor not highlighted
    • OIA-1629 - Fix Timezone dropdown disappearing behind footer border
    • Fix Inconsistent time format in in Occurrences section of Create Schedule
    • Fix bug with search keywords disappearing on page change
    • Fix Paging Bug After New Query
  • Admin
    • Fix bugs in name-based jobs search
    • Fix Button menu remaining in host page
    • Fix bug with search keywords disappearing on page change
    • OIA-1404 - Fix Async Behavior while Waiting for Response
    • Fix Paging Bug After New Query
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