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Roughcut Edit

Please check breaking changes outlined at DPE WebServices & WebApplications




2.4.301.7 (major bug fixes only)

Details for shared code see DPE WebServices & WebApplications

Related Workflow Template

Template Name



No changes, identical to Release 2020.1.0


  • Using the still image feature requires CreateImage Workflow Template and a Video Processor with license for ThumbnailCreator.
  • Latest Chrome version (recommended), Firefox latest or Chromium based Edge latest
  • Requires special DAVID MPEG –DASH based LoRes Format, which can be created by a custom workflow within the DPE-inside Workflow System by using the DPE-inside Video Processor and a custom made MCL template.

New Features

  • New shortcuts "Add to timeline" and "Toggle TC Mode"

Fixed issues (DPE

  • OIA-1653 - Styling regression

Major fixed issues

  • OIA-1652 - Timeline video player not working
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