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Supported Databases

(tick) = Supported

(minus) = Not supported

(warning) = EOL declared, see Product lifecycle

Support for Oracle Databases is EOL since May 2021 and will be EOP May 2023

Please contact DAVID Support if you are using an Oracle database server for serving DigaSystem tables.


DatabaseDigaSQL 3.19.3492.0DPE
MS Acccess(tick)(minus)
MS SQL Server 2012 SP4(tick)(tick)
MS SQL Server 2014 SP3(tick)(tick)
MS SQL Server 2016 SP2(tick)(tick)
MS SQL Server 2017(tick)(tick)
MS SQL Server 2019(tick)(tick)
MySQL 5.6(tick)(tick)
MySQL 8.0(tick)(tick)
Oracle 11g(warning)(warning)
Oracle 12c


MS SQL Server 2012 SP4(tick)
MS SQL Server 2014 SP3(tick)
MS SQL Server 2016 SP2(tick)
MS SQL Server 2017(tick)
MS SQL Server 2019(tick)
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