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ContextualAudioEditing (CAE)

CAE is still in Beta, please use this build of CAE in none productive systems only!



Contextual Audio Editing0.8.110.0

Release Highlights:

  • New clipboard feature for CAE
  • New functionality to open projects from Content Manager
  • Improved preformance
  • ***In the next release of MTEv8*** ability to open CAE files in MTE


  • Best used with Content Manager or newer
  • Content Manager must be using the Waveform generation and LowRes workflows
  • Optional:
    • To fully benefit from CAE, transcription service is recommended - but not necessary
    • We can adapt CAE for any transcription service - as long as it uses modern APIs
    • In the case of non-modern APIs, special requests for evaluations are required 
    • CAE is delivered as a Docker Image, for any customer with a running Docker registry.

New Feature

  • "Auto" update of Docker image via Container registry
  • Complete view should display left and right audio channel overlayed
  • Allow to save project to DigaSystem
  • Allow to open CAE project from DigaSystem
  • Add a new drop mode "Insert" in EAO
  • Open MTE from CAE via BrowserBridge (step 1)
  • CAE Accessibility: Run Accessibility Insights on CAE to list all problems
  • Switch CAE version to 0.8.x
  • DX: Add devcontainer definition for CAE
  • E2E: Take over Cypress tests
  • Remove all icons from menus
  • Option to add content at head position (as an alternative to adding it at end of timeline)
  • Proof-of-concept for CAE project versioning
  • Show project name
  • Set color for a track element
  • Create area for clipboard
  • Allow to add stuff to clipboard by drag and drop from file system and DigaSystem
  • Add stuff to clipboard by a "create clip" option
  • Drag and drop items from clipboard to timeline or text area
  • Clipboard content is persisted when saving project
  • Clipboard content is restored when loading a project
  • Remove clip from clipboard
  • Allow user to rename clip in clipboard
  • Use EAO new medium.title with meaningful info
  • CI: Re-introduce Cypress tests
  • CI: Auto-generate changelog on build
  • Replace buttons according to the design system
  • Add a clipboard-service to CAE which holds the data model for the clipboard
  • Preventing cut" in shuffle mode when dropping a clip in the middle of another one
  • Allow to play one audio at a time
  • Make CreateClip shortcut changable in Options/Shortcuts
  • Optimize create clip when clip is completely inside existing medium
  • Adapt clip styling to have spacing and clip look and feel nearer to design
  • Change all Logo assets in CAE to new logo
  • CAE: Save project to a new entry (DigaSystem)
  • When creating a clip use the same color as the element on the timeline had (if it is not crossing track elements)
  • When creating a clip from FS or DS use a color from color rotation
  • When inserting a clip from clip area into timeline use the clip color
  • Adjust CAE app to design definition
  • Decrease whitespace between clip-icon and wave
  • Crossfade & overwrite buttons need to be adjusted
  • New logo in the toolbar should get more whitespace around it

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-423 - SAFARI: Waveform disappears on drag action
  • OIA-466 - Performance: opening zipped cae project is extremely slow
  • OIA-489 - SAFARI: decoding audio data returns null promise in Safari v15.x
  • OIA-512 - EAO crashes with IndexSizeError when trying to record in Safari
  • OIA-1801 - Loading project in CAE does not show waveforms
  • OIA-1834 - sometimes "hangs" during save project to DigaSystem
  • OIA-1855 - EAO.renderAudio(...) can take very long but we are missing a progress callback/event
  • OIA-1864 - Importing a project with DigaSystem references after EAO upgrade fails
  • OIA-1867 - Imported local file at head pos seems to be not correctly saved/opened in project
  • OIA-1899 - Shuffle mode not working correctly when it was pre-selected
  • OIA-1900 - Adapt AutoZoom100 so that it does not auto zoom on shift-drop
  • OIA-1982 - Opening a project over an existing one should ask for approval from the user
  • OIA-1983 - "Save project to DigaSystem" should be disabled for empty project
  • OIA-1991 - CAE Accessibility: color-contrast does not meet ratio thresholds
  • OIA-2096 - Opening a project with invalid zip data is endlessly showing load animation
  • OIA-2107 - Progress is not displayed in productive version only in dev version
  • OIA-2111 - CAE Display error message when login fails
  • OIA-2112 - Opening invalid CAE project from DigaSystem hangs
  • OIA-2115 - Safari: Opening a project via menu doesn't work
  • OIA-2128 - Safari: Import audio doesn't work
  • OIA-2138 - Cleanup: remove JSZip leftovers
  • OIA-2149 - Read logging level from settings.json and apply it LoggingService
  • OIA-2151 - Use LoggingService instead of console.log everywhere
  • OIA-2162 - it is hard to follow our text cursor while playing
  • OIA-2203 - Safari: cannot change shortcut for OpenProject to "6"
  • OIA-2209 - EAO: level-meter impacts renderAudio performance
  • OIA-2217 - Open project from filesystem does not reset DigaSystem project reference
  • OIA-2248 - Wrong silence detection
  • OIA-2252 - Search stopped working after I cut out a sentence with the search word in it
  • OIA-2253 - Double audio artefact in rendering
  • OIA-2378 - Clip prelisten does not show play icon when end of audio is reached
  • OIA-2381 - Clipboard is not reset starting a new project
  • OIA-2406 - Clips created from text/timeline inside CAE cannot be removed/renamed
  • OIA-2410 - Playout via shortcut does not work.
  • OIA-2416 - Audio artefact when playing clip on clipboard
  • OIA-2428 - Clips still visible after logout-login
  • OIA-2429 - Removing clip from clipboard, after it has been placed on timeline, creates an invalid CAE project
  • OIA-2430 - Deepgram transcription option appears to be hard-coded
  • OIA-2442 - When a medium has no used clips any longer, it's still in the CAE project
  • OIA-2494 - Clips play a totally incorrect segment of audio in test project
  • OIA-2505 - Always save and load .cae projects (and never .json)
  • OIA-2532 - Color rotation index is not saved
  • OIA-2536 - Search chevrons should be disabled, when search is inactive
  • OIA-2544 - The head in text area does not move to the beginning when using transport button
  • OIA-2560 - Shortcut for "Save Project" does not work.

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