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New Features

  • New block overlayed/splitted waveform display-modes available
  • On-The-Fly preview of shuffle operations with snapping
  • Optional preventing cut" in shuffle mode when dropping a clip in the middle of another one
  • New 'filter' property on clip for custom usage e.g. on clipboards
  • Metadata space on top/bottom of each track
  • Usage of EAO (nested component) with wheel scroll and zoom inside another web-component (host-component) is now possible
  • Audio ranges can be pre-loaded by API
  • stopRecording() should optionally not stop playout
  • New custom draw callback for clip markers
  • 'color' property added to clip object
  • Optional show trimmed waveform as shadow

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-423 - SAFARI: Waveform disappears on drag action
  • OIA-489 - SAFARI: decoding audio data returns null promise in Safari v15.x
  • OIA-512 - EAO crashes with IndexSizeError when trying to record in Safari
  • OIA-1708 - VS does not parse mixins as expected
  • OIA-2095 - The medium is missing a proper title
  • OIA-2209 - Level-meter impacts render audio performance
  • OIA-2306 - Problem with partial content caching and on-the-fly conversion
  • OIA-2392 - Using repeated record/pause moves the recording along the timeline.
  • OIA-2395 - Adding a speaker to newly created clip medium returns empty speaker array for new medium transcript when saving project
  • OIA-2457 - Memory Leak
  • OIA-2469 - Clip.CustomData is not exported
  • OIA-2523 - Corrupted audio played on edit while playout
  • OIA-2532 - The color rotation index is not saved
  • OIA-2557 - The markers are invisible when reaching the track-element borders
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