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Product lifecycle

EOP = End Of Production (not sold any more, removed from price list)

EOL = End Of Life (not supported anymore)

New / Changed in this Release
EOP reached
EOL reached (now or even earlier)

Product lifecycle overview

Product VersionEOPEOLSuccessor


Active Directory Integration 1.xNov. 2019Nov. 2021Active Directory Integration 2.x

SQL based full-text Index within

  • DigaSQL.dll 3.x
Nov. 2019Nov. 2021

Elasticsearch based full-text Index within

  • DigaSQL.dll 3.x and DPE Services 1.x / 2.x
Support of DigaSystem databases on Oracle SQL serverMay 2021May 2023MS SQL and mySQL Server database, see also Supported Databases

Content Management

Database Manager 4.xMay 2018May 2020Database Manager 5.x

Collection tables within

  • Database Manager 5.x
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.x
Nov. 2019Nov. 2021

DPE 1.x, containing

  • Management Services 1.x,
  • Workflow Admin v1.x
  • Content Manager 1.x
  • Subclip Editor 1.x
  • RoughCut Edit 1.x
Nov. 2019Nov. 2021

DPE 2.x containing

Media Production Audio

DigaBurn 2.xNov. 2016Nov. 2018
MultiCoder 3.xMay 2021May 2023

Enterprise Recording Services
ROAD (in work) and ROAD Clients (in work)

SingleTrack Editor v6.x,
EasyTrack Editor v6.x,
MultiTrack Editor v6.x
Nov. 2017Nov. 2019

SingleTrack Editor v7.x,
EasyTrack Editor v7.x,
MultiTrack Editor v7.x

Media Production Video

DigaBurnDVD 2.xNov. 2016Nov. 2018
DigaIngesterPro 2.xMay 2018May 2020
DigaClipPlayer 2.xMay 2018May 2020

Workflow Framework

Workflow System 1.xNov. 2019Nov. 2021Workflow System 2.x
Audio Processor 1.xNov. 2019Nov. 2021Audio Processor 2.x
Loudness Processor 1.xNov. 2019Nov. 2021Loudness Processor 2.x
Utility Processor 1.xNov. 2019Nov. 2021Utility Processor 2.x
Video Processor 1.xNov. 2019Nov. 2021Video Processor 2.x


OnAIR TrackMixer 1.xNov. 2017Nov. 2019OnAIR TrackMixer 2.x
BCS 5.xMay 2022May 2024BCS 6.x
BUS 5.xMay 2022May 2024BUS 6.x
DigAIRange 5.xMay 2022 May 2024DigAIRange 6.x
TurboPlayer 5.xMay 2022 May 2024TurboPlayer 6.x
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