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1.8.595.10 (Patch)


  • BCSService.exe 3.5.338.0 (or higher), DPE 2.4.301.0 (or higher)


  • OIA-808 - WDA: settings.json including passwords fully public

Issues fixed:

  • OIA-1225 - Entry Metadata not displayed (sometimes) (EHFSI7-778)
  • OIA-1747 - Shortcuts / Schedule / all select shortcuts (except: selectAll) does not work if no element is already selected
  • OIA-2308 - possible memory leak (EHFSI7-796)
  • OIA-2457 - EAO library to fix memory leak
  • OIA-2575 - Fix togglePrelistenPosition

New features:

  • WDA: Additional shortcuts
  • Global shortcut: openCalendar
  • Scheduling shortcut: toggleShowMultipleTracks, togglePrelistenPosition
  • Shortcut: Focus on an element and press space to start/stop prelisten
  • Added focus to rundown and miniContentManager
  • Added focusFirst and focusLast shortcuts
  • Added focusFirstMiniCM and focusLastMiniCM shortcuts
  • Change: Select node on drag start: Prevent node selection for miniCM
  • Change: Select node on drag start
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