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BCS Service






  • Requires .NET 4.8

  • Requires Audio32.dll (as minimum, part of release 2019.2)

  • Requires DigaSQL 3.14.3466.0

  • Requires EndPoints.dll

  • Requires BcsHelpers.dll

  • Requires RtfQuillDeltaConverter.dll

  • Requires min. BCS 6.0.417.0 or even min. 6.1.434.0 or higher for using endpoint story features


  • OIA-1576 Stop working after DoS Test - this is happening in production at customer \(EHFSI7-777\)

  • OIA-1704 Support secure Dpe Token

New Features

  • Support endpoint story for the database & broadcast list (OIA-2318)

  • Make CORS headers configurable

Fixed issues

  • OIA-1092 Stopped at SWR \(again after 2-3 weeks\) \(EHFSI7-777\)

  • OIA-1504 WSSCertificatePassword not possible with longer passwords

  • OIA-1731 GetLogin failed with AccessToken HTTP Header

  • OIA-1735 login over REST DpeToken inaccessible

  • OIA-1877 Service puts clear text credentials in error message

  • OIA-1979 Crash by Friedrichshafen

  • OIA-2610 Connects to "backup" BCS instead to the master BCS

  • OIA-2684 Wrong error code by using invalid credentials

  • OIA-2832 No human-readable error message if the log not configured

  • OIA-2833 No human-readable error message if the WSS certificate passworg is wrong

  • OIA-3195 Cannot unlock file error

  • OIA-3216 Options request creates Unauthorized HTTP error

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