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Broadcast Utility Server





New Features

  • Import task: Implemented extensions and 2 new options for importing/synchronizing the rundown of shows from another BCS system. This is intended for copying the full content (metadata + media files) from one BCS system to one or multiple other BCS systems, in order to be able to play from a second system if there is a complete failure of the first one. Please see BCSTechManual chapter 7.4.1 “Using Import Task for duplicating shows to a remote BCS system”. (OIA-2033)

  • All tasks: Implemented support for the new node type “EndpointStory”. (OIA-2322)

  • AutoReplace task: A free expression for filtering database entries and BCS nodes can be defined now. In addition, a filter for DB class “Story” and BCS send state “Skipped” has been added. (OIA-2896)

  • AutoReplace tasks: A Story or an EndpointStory can now be handled as one unit, meaning: if it is changed in the database, a synchronization of all children is done. This also implies that a Story or EndpointStory can replace a single element and vice-versa. (OIA-2322)


  • Import task: the algorithm how the synchronization of the show structure did work did put a much too high load on BCS if an import took place very often (like needed for the BCS synchronization above). Therefore, two changes were implemented: (1) once a destination show is either created or was existing once, the task will never try again to create this show. (2) Deletion of destination shows is delayed up to max 10 minutes. (OIA-2033)

  • AutoReplace task: When an element is replaced, the task tries now to keep the references for mirrored files. This implies a file access, because the content of (up to the first 1 Mbyte) of the files on database and BCS side are compared.

  • AutoReplace task: If in one of the filter columns “DB class”, “DB file state”, ”BCS file state” and “BCS send state” not a single item is checked, the corresponding filter is not applied at all. So far, such a configuration meant that no element could match the filter and the task did not replace anything.

  • When a BCS reports to have StartAttributeInheritance=Regular configured, BUS does no longer try to modify the start mode of new elements according to the start mode of the new parent group or story, when BCS does it now. (CCD-43401, OIA-2180)

Fixed Issues

  • Specifying a DigaSystem user with an empty password in the settings of any task did not work. This was rejected when starting a task. (OIA-1661)

  • CopyConvert task: In the upper / task window of BUS the percentage display of the already copied file size always remained at 0%

  • Tasks: File check, Import, Additional schedule import: the check for the rights of the user was not done correctly. (1) the BCS manage right was not taken into account and (2) the rights were checked for the current BUS user, not for the one specified in the task settings.

  • Import task: synchronizing the show structure did not work correctly if an import module did yield individual shows as import items instead of full days.

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