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New Features

  • OGG OPUS format support with partial content requests

  • Keep clip markers absolute position option

  • Track-controls area

  • New API to draw custom text/anything in track-controls area

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-2952 CM/EAO cannot correctly play growing audio anymore (only the first minute or so)

  • OIA-2572EAO: showText does not work as expected

  • OIA-2933 EAO: eao.removeMedium() and medium.clearSegmentData() does not clean up memory

  • OIA-2972 EAO: add missing events to jsdoc documentation

  • OIA-2976 EAO: track custom-space top alignment not working as expected

  • OIA-3048 dispose exception with Ember.js component rendering

  • OIA-3130 mp2 workers are not always released after medium.dispose()

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