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Extended DigaCare Value

In Release 2023.1.0, we are introducing several new features and enhancements to our DigaCare offerings to provide additional value to our customers.

Endpoints Management for production and playout

Implemented Endpoints management feature for playout and production:

  • Enables an organization to move from a decentralized regio playout to a centralized, managed, multichannel digital and broadcast distribution

  • BCS, DigAIRange, TurboPlayer, and DBM have been updated to support these enhanced endpoint management functionalities.

  • Increased security with DPE token capability in WebDigAIRange

  • Stability increases with fixes of known issues, and performance improves with possible memory leaks solved, usability improvement in both WebDigAIRange and BCS Service

Audio Production value upgrade and 64 Bit support

Released MultiTrackEditor version 8:

  • Includes support for 64-bit plugins, bringing enhanced value to audio production.

  • Express Editing, AAF Export and Remote control of DigaSystem components via REST web-service are now standard features of Audio Editors v8.x.

Multi-coding functionality enhancement in ROAD

ROAD Significantly enhanced ROAD, now officially released version.

  • Provides multi-coding functionality for audio conversion and encoding.

  • Stabilization and final release of ROAD, with several additional functionalities

Free SDK access

  • we are making changes to how you interact with our SDKs

  • Read more about it here

For further information on these updates and their technical specifications, please reach out to our support or sales representatives.

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