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OnAIR TrackMixer




OTM 2.8.783.0

OTM 2.7.758.12 Bugfix branch only

Dependencies (recommended versions)

  • DBM 5.10.8282.0

  • DigAIRange 6.1.937.0

  • TurboPlayer 6.1.2507.0

  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.8.336.0

  • Audio32.dll

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package


  • Stability increase and new usability features

New features

  • General

    • Hide Intro 1/2 when they have the same value as Mark In with parameter "HideIntroOutroOutsidePlayableArea"

    • Add a "Save and Close" Button to OTM

      • New Parameter "OTMSaveButtons" where you can configure which Buttons on the top bar are available.

      • Possible values (set the values, which you want to be visible):

        • Save

        • SaveandClose

        • SaveandClear

        • Clear

    • OTM: Start/EndOnTime should disable movement of element

    • Load the third element, when it is set sequenced

      • New parameter “LoadNextSequencedElement”

      • Possible values:

        • False [Default]: Only two elements are loaded 

        • True: When next element is set sequenced, then 3 elements are loaded

  • UI

    • OTM: Smoother fade line adjustment between two fade points

    • Disable the white line in the middle when "1/2 channel half" is used

Fixed issues 2.8

  • OIA-1683 Creating and dragging fadepoint with Ctrl-Click cannot move fadepoint horizontally

  • OIA-2140 OTM LogScale: While holding CTRL the snaps to the highest/lowest value are to strong

  • OIA-2276 CCDA-3441: OTM: Uhrzeiten können falsch sein

  • OIA-2615 OTM causes crash in TP and DBM

  • OIA-2689 DBM/OTM: No waveform when open OTM with DBM

Fixed issues 2.7 and 2.8

  • OIA-2725 CCD-41928: Saving Onair transition in OTM while one of the elements has started

  • OIA-3161 OTM: Zu viele Nachkommastellen bei Fade_Amplification

  • OIA-2475 OTM causes DigAIRange and/or TP_GUI crashes

  • OIA-2820 OTM: Memory Leak

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