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ROAD Backend



ROAD Backend


Related ROAD Clients Release

With R2023.1.1 ROAD clients are released as version It is recommended to use those versions in combination.

Major Changes

  • Easy REST API

  • Support of cluster-wide “JobCreated” notifications

  • External control for Ember+ and General Purpose IO (GPIO)

  • Standby schedules to guarantee a job always to be prepared

  • Support for new client features


  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed

  • (Part of ROAD Installer) Visual C++ Runtime updated to 2015-2022 (14.34.31931.0)

New features


  • Add New Subscription Type for New Jobs

  • Display "Invalid" Transitions as “Pending”

  • Download All Logs

  • New Request to Worker Pause+OutputSwitch

  • ExternalControl: Configurable Commands

  • OutputSwitch: Add option to use output graph for time interval

  • Don't Create Worker for Only Pure Transition

  • External Control: Support Back Channel via EMBER+

  • ExternalControl: Marker Command

  • Add basic GPIO trigger support

  • ExternalControl: Improve Error Handling

  • Implement Easy REST Interface for Turbo Player (ROAD Side)

  • Correct Start Time and OutputSwitch for Job Starting in Past

  • Adjust scheduled job duration for daylight saving changes

  • "Resume interrupted job" behaves similarly as "Standby" (in regards to restarting scheduled jobs)

  • Scheduling: Display Combination of Job State and Standby

  • If Service Stop Stops Jobs, Still Send Their Final Notification


  • Deferred creation of database groups

  • Don't create any table entry, if no audio at all was received during a recording

  • Omit "Empty" OutputSwitch Notifications

  • Correct Start Time and OutputSwitch for Job Starting in Past

  • Handle new option "deleteFutureTransitions" in non-state-changing transitions


  • Add DpeDefaultUrl to the DpeDefaultCredentials page

  • Add TIO DLLs

  • netsh ipport<portnumber> added to Add-PortBinding in Add-HttpsCertBinding.ps1 for secure protocols (needed for TIORoad)

Fixed Issues


  • OIA-1802 - Running time of schedules jobs is slightly too long

  • OIA-2780 - Job is failing but no job state event is sent

  • OIA-2686 - Scheduling: Wrong Start in Case of Short OutputSwitch Interval

  • OIA-2551 - Possible crash situation when (auto) updating list of active hosts (+ hardening all other timers)


  • OIA-2454 - Messages Sometimes Contain Invalid JSON

  • OIA-2681 - Doesn't Delete Empty Group When Job Is Cancelled

  • OIA-2784 - Incorrect time stamps, when job has output switches

  • OIA-2994 - Hang during shutdown because of deadlock in WASAPI source filter

  • OIA-1703 - Recording with a "Streamer++" ASIO Driver may hang on Stop

  • OIA-1670 - DirectShowFilter: FFmpeg Filter doesn't properly deliver 0-length media samples

  • OIA-3381 - Wrong time stamps, when job is starting in "Pause" and set to "Wait" immediately

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