ROAD Clients

Related ROAD Backend Release

With R2023.1.1 ROAD backend is released as version 1.4.495.1. It is recommended to use those versions in combination.

Major Changes

Scheduling client

  • Automatic level triggers

  • Support for table specific audio formats

  • Field ‘Alias’ to support Easy REST API

  • External control via Ember+, General Purpose IO (GPIO) or external applications

  • Standby schedules

  • Disable schedules

Admin client

  • Auto updates

  • Show pending state while stopping jobs

  • Live level display

  • Log file access

  • Template editor


InstaRecorder is not part of this release. It is planned to provide a new InstaRecoder version when some new major features will be ready.


  • Minimum ROAD backend version 1.4.496.0

  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed

New features

Scheduling client

  • Add Option to Disable Schedule

  • Add Option for Level Trigger

  • Move audio formats to DPE Parameters

  • Use DPE Table default templates

  • Use schedule name as output title if left empty

  • Add Option for Standby Schedule

  • Implement UI to configure hardware-controlled (GPIO) jobs

  • Extract job template from schedule

  • Extend Audio Format Templates to Support Mpeg

  • Implement UI to configure Ember+ jobs

  • Add Fields "Alias" and "Disabled"

  • Add 'Disabled' checkbox to scheduling UI

  • Recurrence with Indefinite and Repeat does not make sense for almost all use cases

Admin client

  • Auto-Update Active Jobs' State (+ Details)

  • Add Button to Delete Jobs

  • Display "Invalid" Transitions Differently

  • Download All Logs + Refresh

  • Notify for New Jobs

  • Extended Visuals in Grid for In Progress State of Cancelling/Finishing

  • Refresh Subscriptions After Change of Host

  • Improve log refresh behavior

  • Add splitter mouse cursor to mouse hover over the splitter

  • Basic template management

  • Alignment in ROAD Admin Designs

  • Display Lost Connection to Service

  • Basic "Create" functionality for templates

  • Show devices for a host in Hosts view

  • Add multi-select "Delete" to Template page

  • Job Monitor: Add new State "Pending"

  • Allow to open entry in CM directly from job history (for OutputSwitch messages)

  • Job Monitor: Remove "!" Indicator After New Query

All Clients

  • Empty state in grid

  • Add logon dialog

  • Page navigation uses top bar does not give visual feedback where you are

  • Adjust URL to new LEARN path

  • InstaRecorder

    • Make use of backend's "intervalOnOutputGraphs" feature (so output file switches lead into expected length)

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-606 Scheduling: Fix input field inconsistencies

  • OIA-1664 InstaRecorder: Fix monitoring with mono recordings

  • OIA-1669 InstaRecorder: Wrong name used for recording

  • OIA-1718 InstaRecorder: markers are only in one output files when effects are enabled

  • OIA-1598 InstaRecorder: Mono Recording from WDM, But Both Channels in Monitoring and For Level Trigger

  • OIA-1727 InstaRecorder: Bug with names when manually switching output

  • OIA-1722 Scheduling: CH1 is checked when no channels are selected

  • OIA-1724 InstaRecorder: Routing for ASIO devices is wrong

  • OIA-1725: Jobs end up in "Error" state, even though no actual error occurred

  • OIA-2543 Job Monitor: Scroll Position Wrong After Update

  • OIA-2650 Scheduling: Warning Appears Unfoundedly

  • OIA-2793 Job Monitor: Not Displaying History of Jobs in Error

  • OIA-2807 Scheduling: Wrong behavior on closing open confirmation dialog

  • OIA-2835 Admin: implement UX clinic feedback for template management

  • OIA-2853 Selection issue on grids

  • OIA-2927 Admin: Status column content does not display properly on decreasing cell size

  • OIA-3063 Status selection in filters issue

  • OIA-3099 Scheduling Creates Invalid Recording Format Spec

  • OIA-3102 Job Monitor: JobState Subscriptions Aren't Released