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  • Requires min. BCSService.exe 6.1.407.0


  • OIA-645 WDA: support secure Dpe Token

  • OIA-808 WDA: settings.json including passwords fully public

  • OIA-1567 DPE logon: support secure Dpe Token

New Features

  • Change the program name with a dropdown (EHFSI7-245)

  • Link from MiniCM to CM (EHFSI7-375)

  • Show the dependencies of BCSService in the about box

  • Check contrasts for calendar and scheduling view

  • Accessibility

  • Node locking while editing (EHFSI7-317)

  • Improve MiniCM & Metadata mask view (EHFSI7-435)

  • WDA (MiniCM): support of table groups and table orders (EHFSI7-598)

  • WDA: Calculate text duration on changing speaker using BCSService

  • WDA: Align font sizes

Fixed issues

  • OIA-568 WDA: Have Difficulty to Load a Big Show with Many Elements

  • OIA-574 WDA: Collection of minor bugs

  • OIA-578 WDA: Migrate to Ember.js 3.x

  • OIA-1026 WDA: Add missing Jinglegroups in show selection modal

  • OIA-1225 WDA: Entry Metadata not displayed (sometimes) (EHFSI7-778)

  • OIA-1622 WDA: Prelisten player does not close after end of audio (EHFSI7-587)

  • OIA-1747 WDA: Shortcuts / Schedule / all select shortcuts (except: selectAll) does not work if no element is already selected

  • OIA-1925 WDA: difference in speech calculation (EHFSI7-705)

  • OIA-1929 WDA: unkown message with pre listen (EHFSI7-545)

  • OIA-1932 WDA: Changing the speaker does not always recalculate the Text Duration "on the fly"

  • OIA-2308 WDA: possible memory leak (EHFSI7-796)

  • OIA-2367 WDA (RTF): Text vanished on context menu spell correction (EHFSI7-801)

  • OIA-2568 WDA: Copying expanded groups duplicates entries

  • OIA-3197 WDA: Text field is enlarged instead of using a scroll-bar

  • OIA-3333 WDA: Set correct mininum version for BCSS requirement

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