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6.1.937.2 (Patch)

  • DigaSQL.dll 3.20.3498.0 (recommended)

  • MultiRec4 4.8.336.0 (recommended)

Fixed Issues 

  • CCD-43179/OIA-1836: DigAIRange does now only request a short-time lock on certain drag&drop operations in the tree view – e.g. when inserting a new show into a day. This affects the BCS operations, for which no file handling is done and should avoid problems with days, which cannot be locked for a longer time because one of their children is MOS-controlled.

  • CCD-43862/OIA-4289: When an element had only the flag Time_Overlaid set but no other related start attributes (which happens with the TurboPlayer function to automatically assign this flag), this flag was lost when the element was opened in the mask.

  • Some labels of the time fields in the mask were not visible and the space for them has been slight increased.

  • When the function “show all submasks” was executed, both “General” submasks were displayed, one for elements and one for groups/stories.

  • DistributionEndpoints, which were defined in the global and in the local registry, appeared twice in the combo boxes for the endpoints.

  • CCD-44018/OIA-4287/OIA-3821: Navigating to an element in the upper rundown view by double-clicking onto a found node in BCSSearch.ocx did not work anymore.

  • The combo box “Flags” in the submask “BR” had multiple problems:

    • CCD-44159/OIA-4405: When changing from one element to another one, the combo box kept its old content. As a result, wrong flags were displayed, and possibly wrong flags were then saved with the second element. This was a new bug since the speed optimization for the mask in version 6.1.932.0.

    • CCD-44158/OIA-4405: When using the cursor keys to scroll through the dropped down list of flags, the items got toggled (active/inactive). Now this is working again, and it is possible to select an item with the space key, to open the drop-down list with the down key and to close it with the return key. This and the next problem were present since the embellishment in version 5.7 & 5.8.

    • CCD-44160/OIA-4405: Items, for which the user does not have the right to change them, were not greyed out. Now the UIScheme color "Color_Text_Disabled" is used.


  • CCD-43862: When the user re-schedules already played elements, DigAIRange does now reset the Time_Overlaid flag if this flag seems to be set only implicitly by TurboPlayer when automatic assignment of this flag was active when playing the element. If the overlaid flag is used within a transition together with the OffsetFloating/Relative start attributes, the overlaid flag is kept.

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