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Fixed issues

  • Function AUDIO_FindSilenceAtStartAndEndOfFile() sometimes returned a bogus value for BeginOfSilentSectionAtEnd

  • Loudness analysis failed, when the source file has a specific minor internal inconsistency

  • Potential problem when reading UTF-8 encoded markers labels in WAVE files with both "r64m" and "LIST" chunks

  • Potential bug (missing a few audio samples) when converting a growing WAVE file

  • Video-to-audio conversion of MOV and MP4 files with linear big-endian audio could fail

New features

  • Added dithering functionality to 64-bit version

  • Added support for FFmpeg-based audio decoding to 64-bit version

  • Allow conversion of AIFF files where the "SSND" chunk comes before the "COMM" chunk

  • Time-stretching implemented for 64-bit version, using "RubberBand" library

  • Support for AIFF-C files with "in24" compression

  • CCD-44322: Waveform data is now also read from .waveform files

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