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  • BCS 6.2.442.0

  • BUS 6.2.794.0

  • DigAIRange 6.2.954.0

  • ElasticIndex.dll

Fixed Issues 

  • Replacing found elements with another element did no longer work.

New features

  • Node types “Story” and “EndpointStory” are supported.

  • A search in multiple services of one BCS is possible now.

  • Fuzzy searches via ElasticSearch are supported now.

  • If a node type with dates is selected, the ocx tells the communication module to sort the result list for the start time now.

  • UI schemes are supported. The host – DigAIRange – must send the right scheme data to BCSSearch.ocx. Therefore, DigAIRange 6.2 or newer is needed. BCSSearch.ocx will then look very similar to DigAIRange. Dynamically changing the UI scheme is supported.

  • Dynamically changing the language for the GUI is supported now.

  • Dynamically changing the zoom of the screen is supported (DPI awareness level 2).


  • Switched build system to Visual Studio 2022.

  • BCSSearch.ocx makes use of ElasticIndex.dll version 2.0 now. Older versions are no longer supported.

  • The surface and the search capabilities have been adopted to ElasticSearch. For a description of the search via ElasticSearch please look into BCSTechManual chapter 9 “Full-text search in BroadcastSystem”.

  • The IBCS.dll is no longer needed. BCSSearch can communicate with BCS directly. A communication via WebSockets is supported and newer login methods like AD or HMAC are supported.

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