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  • None.

Fixed Issues 

  • The specification of the special search option for a field <IsMissing="1"> in the XmlFilter was not handled correctly.

  • Picking one of multiple (mirror) files of a BCS node was not implemented correctly.

  • The filename oƒ the communication module was not saved from the config dialog.

New features

All JIRA OIA-3537:

  • Added x64 build targets.

  • The dll was rewritten in big parts. The cpprest (Casablanca) library is no longer used for doing REST calls and for handling JSON.
    Therefor the boost::asio library and the DigaXML parser are used now. As a result, it is no longer necessary to install the cpprest140_2_9.dll.

  • Adapted the mapping file Elasticsearch_Bcs_Default_Mapping_80.json for ElasticSearch 8.x, added missing fields and correct wrong field definitions.

  • Indexing many nodes has been accelerated. The connection to ElasticSearch is kept open between two REST calls.

  • A user and a password can now be specified in the settings. If present, the dll performs a basic authentication in REST calls.

  • A connection to ElasticSearch via TLS/SSL is supported with the help of the OpenSSL library.

  • A new flag in the settings allows to define, whether the content of text/RTF files should be included when indexing.

  • Support for fuzzy searching.

  • Implemented the possibility to sort the result list for specified fields.

  • For deleting ElasticSearch documents it is now possible to specify the id with a wildcard.

  • In the configuration dialog it is possible now to specify a list of special fields, which can contain either XML or JSON strings.
    (This can be the case if someone has the bad idea to store a hierarchy of values into a single custom field.)
    As a result, generating a valid overall JSON for a whole BCS node might become impossible.
    The dll will remove any formatting characters like '<' or '{' from these fields so that the remaining text can be indexed.

  • Added logging of all function calls to index/unindex data or for searching - into the dll and to/from ElasticSearch.
    Logging is done via DigaSQL and log destination is "ElasticIndex".


  • Changed build environment to Visual Studio 2022.

  • The following fields are no longer indexed: "Clip_...", "File_Thumbnail...", "Control_..." and "MEDIUM....".
    These fields can appear in an unlimited list of enumerations, which can overload the supported number of fields from ElasticSearch.

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