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New Features

  • Seeking outside a play-range should cancel play-range and continue normal playout

Fixed Issues

  • EAO: marker labels are displayed on wrong position

  • RenderAudio() is not using Track::muted

  • Play-range is not using "muted" state

Improved API documentation

  • LevelMeter textColor not documented in jsdoc

  • Missing onPreProcessPlaybackRate description

  • Fix missing jsdoc documentation for EAO::expanded property

Migration of documentation to Storybook

Migrated examples

  • Legacy Waveform

  • How to add EAO

  • Import File-Path

  • Import Blob

  • Load EAO JSON project (for audio file loading)

  • Reference URL's

  • Record Audio

  • Selected Objects

  • Show time-offset

  • Transcript Block Handling

  • undo-redo

  • MIDI

Reviewed examples

  • Style EAO

Newly created examples from EAO demo page

  • authentication.js

  • clip.js

  • contextmenu.js

  • custom-buttons.js

  • download-mte-edl.js

  • expand.js

  • gain-automation.js

  • range-selection.js

  • remove.js

  • render-audio.js

  • save-load-json.js

  • shortcuts.js

  • transcript.js

  • snap.js

  • playback-rate.js

  • head.js

  • tracks.js

  • vertical-zoom.js

Newly created examples for

  • markers API

  • “Add Silence“ API

  • showing how to record audio

  • PlayMode

  • creating placeholder

  • recorded duration

  • disable sequence layer resizing

  • available slots

  • showing custom layer on the timeline, connected to range-playout

  • how to remove the extra check when adding audio to EAO

  • how to connect EAO child components e.g. eao-sequence with eao-core

  • range playout API

  • Drop-mode

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