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ROAD Backend



ROAD Backend


Related ROAD Clients Release

With R2023.1.1 ROAD clients are released as version and Interview Recorder as version It is recommended to use those versions (or higher) in combination.


  • Service

    • Tolerant on unstable database connection

    • Web socket is served on the same port as http

    • Secure API by DPE authentication token (switched off by default for migration)

    • Stored passwords are encrypted (switched by default for migration)

  • Installer

    • For secure web socket no extra certificate needs to be configured

    • Adaptions on new and changed Service configuration

    • Interactive selection of certificate from store

  • Worker

    • Direct file access with DPE Writer filter

    • Optionally support renaming of target files in DigaSQL Writer and DPE Writer

    • Improved BWF metadata support


  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed

  • (Part of ROAD Installer) Visual C++ Runtime updated to 2015-2022 (14.34.31931.0)

  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed (question)

  • or Minimum DPE Nano Services (question) is needed

New features


  • Store only encrypted passwords

  • Use Owin Instead of Fleck to Remove Username and password for secure connection

  • Update MongoDB Assemblies to 2.18.0 (Most Recent)

  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2022

  • Secure API by Token

  • Retry DB Connection At Startup

  • Reopen DB Connection When Needed

  • EmberPlus.dll: Make Init More Robust

  • Reduce SonarQube Messages

  • Workaround to Migrate to Encryped Default DPE Password


  • Create 5.1+Stereo files

  • Create DigaSystem table entry using DigaSQL.dll

  • Support option for direct file access in "DPE Writer" filter

  • Make direct file upload more robust

  • Handle file name changes for DPE Writer's direct file access option

  • Enhance BWF metadata support


  • Adaptions to new connection settings

  • Remove HTML Part

  • Add netsh add urlacl to the setup to allow start the service as non-admin

  • In Upgrade Preserve the windows service start mode

Fixed Issues


  • Bugfix: Exception in case a schedule leads into creation of 2 jobs in the same cycle (so 2nd job will be created later)

  • Bugfix: Wrong condition caused creation of scheduled job to be too late

  • ServiceTool: ServiceBaseEx.LogMessage() not returning while shutdown

  • ROAD Service: Verify And Fix HostAlias Setting


  • Bugfix: Worker could crash, if a level filter with a very short (< 100 ms) stop duration is configured

  • ROAD Worker: HTTP result 401 from UploadMedium handler not regarded as a fatal error

  • DirectShowFilter: FFmpeg Source: RTP Streams and TS streams with MP2 and AAC Audio fail with invalid data error.

    SCE Does Not Handle Growing Files Created by ROAD as Expected

  • ROAD: Starting an ASIO recording in ROAD with a "MadiFACE" USB audio card causes a glitch in a parallel recording

  • ROAD: Starting a recording in InstaRecorder can fail


  • Remote Setup hangs when Visual C++ Runtime is updated

  • ROAD Setup failed on a German operating system when no Subject (= Antragsteller) is specified.

  • Add Netmon or TCP/IP NetBios Helper dependency to the ROAD service

  • Remote Setup on Windows Server 2022 freezes

  • Ampersand '&' are not unescaped when reading from XML config file.(MongoDB Connection string)

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