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TurboPlayer Service

Preview only – Productive use not supported

TurboPlayer Service and the TurboPlayer Service SDK are currently available for preview.

Development is ongoing, and we encourage exploration/experimentation, but productive use is not supported

TurboPlayer Service



TurboPlayer Service


  • NET 6 Core Runtime and .NET 6 Runtime, x64 & x86

  • Installed DigaSystem core

    • Some parameters should be configured in DigaSystem registry

      • Section “TurboPlayerService” with at least one valid configuration should be created

      • Full BCS configuration should be existed

  • DPE 2.7.x with OIDC authentication support and followed services

    • Rights service

    • Parameters service

    • Log Service (optional)

  • TurboPlayer 5.10.x or 6.1.x

  • TurboPlayerServiceLicence.dll - required for full functional version

  • DigaSQL 3.14.3466.0 or higher

New features

  • New API
    (warning) Warning! New API is incompatible with the previous TurboPlayer Service API (TurboPlayer Service Version 1.x)

  • Support configuration parameter SendDefaultPrelistenAudio

  • Support TurboPlayer configuration per name

  • Support multiple configurations

  • Remove using unsecured DPE tokens

  • TurboPlayer Service MSI Setup added

  • Support UseDpeLog configuration parameter

  • No more limitations for number of non-readonly clients


  • Service find properly configuration in multiple configuration workflows

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