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TurboPlayer Service SDK

TurboPlayer Service and the TurboPlayer Service SDK are in preview status

Development is ongoing, and we encourage exploration/experimentation, however…

Productive use is not supported!




New Features

  • New API based on the DataModel and markup language
    Warning! New API is completely incompatible with the old API 1.x

Subscribe for notifications about playout state changes and updates in the broadcast list

  • Users can subscribe for notifications regarding changes for any BCS and TurboPlayer metadata (e.g., change in rundown list, change of current play position)

  • Client-defined DataModel subscription mechanic allows clients to determine how notification data is organized and communicated between TurboPlayer Service and the client

  • Notification traffic can be optimized by including conditions in client-defined DataModels (e.g., only send play position updates for a specific channel number or playing state)

New features in DataModel

  • Support Prelisten, PrelistenState and PrelistenByEngine metadata in the data model

  • Support TurboPlayer Modes in the Data Model

  • Support RundownList modes in the Data Model

  • Support TurboPlayer metadata in the Data Model

  • Convert On / Off modes in GlobalStatus request & metadata to true / false for compatibility
    with the data model metadata formats

  • Add RundownConnectionState & TreeManagerConenctionState to GlobalState

New Commands

  • Support ElementStart request

  • Support ElementStop request

  • Support ExecuteKernelMacro and ExecuteGuiMacro requests

  • Support ExecuteMacro request

  • Human-readable error by missed mandatory parameters

  • Support ElementStart request with extended parameters

  • Support ElementStop request with extended parameters

  • Support PrepareElement request

  • Support ElementSelectNextPlay request

  • Support ElementSelectCursor request

  • Support ElementSelectPrelisten request

  • Support ElementAddPrelisten request

  • Support ElementChangePrelistenState request

  • Human-readable error message if TurboPlayer configuration isn't found

  • Support SetKernelMode request

  • Support SetRundownListMode request

  • Support SetLoopMode request

  • Support SetActivationMode request

  • Support SelectShow request

  • Support SelectNode request

  • Support NodeInsert request

  • Support NodeDelete request

  • Support NodeUpdate request

  • Support NodeUpdateTree request

  • Support NodeMove request

  • Support NodeCopy request

  • Support AdjustTimes request

  • Support NodeDelink request

  • GetGlobalStatus return RundownConnectionState & TreeManagerConenctionState, if TurboPlayer isn't connected

Non-backwards compatible changes…

  • New names for the rights objects to be compatible with global naming scheme. All rights object names have now the point separator between “TurboPlayerService” and the rest of the name

  • Parameter & metadata name itemId is renamed to nodeId in all requests and in the DataModel (OIA-4987)


  • Properly handle loudness values

  • Properly handle no component configurations in registry

  • Support TP_SelectNextElement macro in ExecuteKernelMacro request

  • Activate notifications for dynamically created data models if notifications were requested only by model activation

  • Don't return invalid metadata if connection to the TurboPlayer is broken

  • Error message by GetGlobalStatus request

  • Incomplete information in GetGlobalStatus request

  • Send properly event regarding the Data Model, if the event message contains JSON metadata

  • Ignore empty title in RundownKernel.OnPrelistenItemChanged callback to not reset the title by really existed prelisten elements

  • RundownConnectionState & TreeManagerConenctionState have final disconnected state after TurboPlayer is closed

  • Properly RundownConnectionState & TreeManagerConnectionState values if TurboPlayer isn't started

  • Properly RundownConnectionState & TreeManagerConnectionState values if TurboPlayer is closed

  • Load BCS metadata for the BCS nodes notified from TurboPlayer

  • Update data models without keyword "update" in the data type

  • Service is frozen, if TurboPlayer send any event with the element before event with the BCS metadata for this element

Known issues

The following keywords are currently not supported in markup language. We plan to have these supported in future releases.

  • Immortal

  • LocalIndex

  • RemoteIndex

  • Component

  • Rights

  • LocalIndexStartValue

  • Color

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