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  • BCS 6.2.442.0

  • BUS 6.2.794.0

  • DigAIRange 6.2.954.0

  • ElasticIndex.dll

Fixed Issues 

  • Resolved an issue where connections to BCS with active data compression (flag “Compress=TRUE”) were not supported.

  • CCD-44727: Fixed an issue where the content of the “Date range begin/end” edit boxes in the GUI was printed with a localized date format, but this format was not used during evaluation.


  • CCD-44727: Configured date formats in the registry parameter “Digas\Settings\DateFormat” are now used consistently whenever a date is converted to a string.

  • Added support for the columns “Time_Stop” and “Time_Duration” to the column parameter in the registry “BCSSearch\Columns”. The formats are “Timestamp” and “Duration”, but their inclusion is optional.

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