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Broadcast Server










  • DigaSQL.dll 3.20.3503.0 or newer (recommended)

  • DigaSQL64.dll 3.20.3503.0 or newer (recommended) - for use with BCS64.exe

Fixed Issues

  • BCS could crash when lines in the protocol view were selected and Ctrl-C was pressed to copy the content.

  • CCD-44901, 44906, 44674, 44431: Fixed issue with loss of show XML files during buddy BCS synchronization, related to virtual machines or non-local hard disks. BCS now retries file queries multiple times and uses the new GetTreeXMLFile request if needed.

  • CCD-44909: Implemented a workaround to prevent login issues when a virtual machine running a buddy BCS is hard-killed. Buddy BCS now sends a check-connection message every 5 seconds.

  • CCD-44721, 44953: Fixed incorrect PD_HasChildren flag when client requested nodes with "QueryChangeTime" option and non-INFINITE depth, ensuring proper full-text indexing.

  • CCD-44901, 44906, 44676: Fixed synchronization issue in buddy clusters where operations on previously unopened days caused data loss, especially with full show imports.


  • CCD-44901, 44906, 44674, 44431: Added new API request GetTreeXMLFile to allow a buddy BCS to query XML files from the data tree.

Only for 6.3 - Fixed Issues

  • CCD-3506: Modifications in version 6.3.450.0 regarding rights no longer cause problems. "Write to protected show" and "Change current show" rights are no longer incorrectly applied when modifying nodes in a show's pool.

Only for 6.3 - New/Changes

  • CCD-44554: Users with manage rights on "<server name>\GlobalJingles" no longer need to be part of the ACL of a global jingle group to modify its content.

  • CCD-43141: AutoNotify/CheckNotify flags now work for the GetDay request in the client API, enabling automatic notifications with GetNode requests for SeplProtocol and WebSockets.

  • CCD-42945: Clients can specify their own last-change-timestamp when requesting notifications. BCS sends UpdateNodeTree notifications to update client data if newer data exists, crucial for TurboPlayer version 6.3.2707.0.

  • CCD-42945: Weekday-specific day templates now support a comma-separated list of weekday names in their "Weekday" field, applicable to all weekdays in the list.

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