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We strongly recommend to first use the 6.3 version in a test environment before going productive with it. A stress test in a productive-like situation is needed in order to ensure the stability of this version.

Talk to our support team to get this version.








  • DigaSQL.dll 3.20.3503.0 or newer (recommended)

  • MultiRec4 4.8.343.0 or newer (recommended)

  • OnAIR TrackMixer 2.9.803.0 or newer (recommended)

Fixed Issues

  • Addressed an issue where changing the "Max. chars" value on the "User columns" tab within the settings dialog failed to save the modification to the registry.

  • CCD-44681: Resolved a UI inconsistency where the save icon's background color on CFM/OTM differed between the lower multi-view and undocked window displays.

  • Corrected an issue where the manage dialog for pre-productions displayed only the initial portion of metadata alongside the name field.

  • Rectified an issue during conversion from database formats DBE or DBX to BCS-XML, ensuring proper handling of file references.

Only for 6.3 - Fixed Issues

  • Corrected the incorrect initialization of two combo boxes (Function + Execution) in the General tab of the mask.

  • CCD-43719: Fixed occasional issues with the focus not being set correctly during drag & drop operations between rundown windows.

  • Corrected an issue where the parameter “Exclusive” for events was not applied when modifying controls in the submask “Control”.

  • Corrected deviation in the splash screen progress bar length.

  • Fixed occasional problems with the focus not being set to the destination window of drag & drop operations between the rundown windows.

Only for 6.3 - New/Changes

  • A warning is displayed if the user attempts to drag & drop selected lines from the rundown view into CFM/OTM, which contain a group, story, or endpoint story.

  • CCD-43392: DigAIRange now checks for a broadcast date when inserting new elements, displaying a warning if the check fails.

  • CCD-43873: Introduced several new values for UISchemes, enhancing visual customization options.

  • CCD-42945: Day templates can now be configured for multiple weekdays.

  • CCD-43523: Handling of configurable images for controls and mixer sources improved, with support for multiple file formats.

  • CCD-44157: Introduced special keywords for making certain events available in specific pools.

  • CCD-43028: Custom fields now support defining lists of possible values or keywords, with optional images.

  • Updated the splash screen.

  • CCD-43392: If no field name is given for the new parameters CheckFirst/LastBroadcastDate, DigAIRange now defaults to comparing against the two fields FIRSTUSEDATE/LASTUSEDATE.

  • Loudness ears now feature different colors and shapes, aiding users with reduced color perception to distinguish them.

  • CCD-43392: The database field “BROADCASTDATE” is now converted into the field “IntendedBroadcastDate”.

  • CCD-44518: The window for listening to an audio element now closely resembles that of DBM, with modified functionality for the stop button and keyboard shortcuts.

  • CCD-44805: Key shortcuts for the context “OnAIR TrackMixer” are now active only when OTM is visible and content is loaded.

  • CCD-43523: In the rundown view, images for controls for fully specified events are now consistently formatted.

  • CCD-44377: The OK button in the configuration selection dialog is disabled until a configuration is selected.

  • CCD-43863: Made certain items in the Columns menu hidden if the user lacks rights to write into the registry.

  • CCD-44309: Modified the icon for “mute start” for improved visibility.

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