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OnAIR TrackMixer

We strongly recommend to use 2.9.803.10 version in a test environment before going productive with it. A stress test in a productive-like situation is needed in order to ensure the stability.

The 2.9.803.13 is a test version.

Talk to our support team to get these.




2.9.803.10 Patch
2.9.803.13 Test version

Dependencies (recommended versions)

  • DBM 5.11.8307.0

  • DigAIRange 6.2.954.0

  • TurboPlayer 6.2.2604.0

  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.8.340.0

  • Audio32.dll

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package

Fixed issues

  • OIA-6256 OTM will crash DBM if OTM windows is closed while an audio is still played back.

  • OIA-6177: Audio is jerky while editing a clip

  • OIA-6121 OTM: MoveSoundhead doesn't move soundhead to desired position, if it is outside the visible area.

  • OIA-5514 OTM: Improve space usage when passing from a (n+1) tacks visualization to an (n) one

  • OIA-5508 OTM Undo recording makes new recording in wrong place

  • OIA-4895 OTM: Glue mark-out to link-out doesn't work

Only in test version

Stability increase across the board

  • OIA-6796 OTM: Improve smooth scrolling for playback without using bitmaps

  • OIA-6399: Out of memory condition in Audio32.dll after repeated call of GetWaveformFromAudioFile2 from OTM with big wave file.

  • OIA-6735 OTM: Improve Bitmap handling

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