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ROAD Backend



ROAD Backend


Related ROAD Clients Release

ROAD Web Clients and Interview Recorder

It is recommended to use those versions (or higher) in combination.


  • (Part of ROAD Installer) Visual C++ Runtime updated to 2015-2022 (14.34.31931.0)

  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed

  • or Minimum DPE Nano Services is needed

New Features


  • Cleanup of ROAD Jobs via API (via api/jobs?repair)

DirectShow Filters

  • FFmpeg filter and libraries upgraded from 4.3 to 6.1.


  • New mixer option for a start delay when transitioning from state "Paused" to "Running".

  • New option for "ASIO Source" filter to explicitly set the "name" for the LAWO R3LAY device for R3LAY channel routing support.

Fixed Issues


  • Fixed DST switch day duration for specific times.

DirectShow Filters

  • FFmpeg Source filter does not freeze when SDP files are opened.

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