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We strongly recommend to first use the 6.3 version in a test environment before going productive with it. A stress test in a productive-like situation is needed in order to ensure the stability of this version.

Talk to our support team to get this version.







  • DigaSQL.dll 3.20.3503.0 or newer (recommended)

  • MultiRec4 4.8.340.0 or newer (recommended)

  • OnAIR TrackMixer 2.9.803.0 or newer (recommended)

  • DigaStory.ocx (recommended)

Fixed Issues 

  • CCD-44711: Resolved an issue where TurboPlayer failed to prioritize starting an element on the lowest channel number when a line/fader with multiple channels assigned to it was opened. This issue was introduced in version 6.1.2502.0.

  • CCD-44598: Fixed a problem where elements with filenames containing brackets (e.g., “[TEASER]”) were not preloaded by MultiPlayer due to unescaped brackets in the filename section string of the load command.

  • CCD-44847: Addressed the inability to replace jingles via drag&drop operation from MiniDBM to the jingles window when the maximum number of allowed jingles in the current group was reached.

  • CCD-44860: Corrected an issue during conversion from database format DBE or DBX to BCS-XML, where file references of one element were incorrectly used in more than one BCS element.

Only for 6.3 - Fixed Issues

  • CCD-43141: Fixed an issue where sync-starts were executed when TurboPlayer was in passive activation mode due to an undefined parameter TurboPlayer\StartStopPassive.

  • CCD-43141: Addressed a delay in TurboPlayer receiving notifications for loaded shows from BCS, ensuring that modifications made by other clients are properly acknowledged.

  • Corrected calculation inaccuracies in the "RemainGroup" time by the engine.

  • Resolved several calculation inaccuracies in the "Gap/Overlap" time by the engine.

  • Fixed a bug where triggering a macro via key shortcut was not functioning since version 6.3.2701.0.

  • Ensured alignment parameters for cells in the rundown view are obeyed for fields such as mixer source and events.

  • Implemented tooltips with thumbnails, ensuring they are displayed even if images are too large.

  • Enhancement for user experience and performance and functionality.

Only for 6.3 - New/Changes 

  • CCD-43523: Improved handling of configurable images for controls and mixer sources, supporting bmp, png, and emf files with transparency.

  • CCD-43523: Introduced the parameter "Changeable" for events, allowing users to modify controls corresponding to fully specified events.

  • CCD-43028: Added support for defining custom fields with exclusive values or keywords, including optional images for each item.

  • CCD-43028: Implemented tooltips with event names/display text for images displayed in the rundown view.

  • Added two new parameters in the settings dialog for player windows to disable modification of displayed values for play- and remain time by left mouse click.

  • CCD-42724: The font of the trash dialog can now be selected.

  • CCD-44157: Supported special keywords in the "Program" parameter of EventsOut for specifying events for GeneralPools, PersonalPools, and GlobalJingles.

  • Implemented a new macro command TP_Delete, replacing TP_DeleteSelected and TP_DeleteAll GUI commands.

  • CCD-44157: Images for controls for fully specified events are now drawn with a square format in the rundown view.

  • CCD-44157: Images for events in jingles no longer move into the progress bar when a jingle is playing, allowing modifications of events while playing.

  • CCD-44157: TurboPlayer displays corresponding images with a red cross if a control refers to an event not available in the current program.

  • Loudness ears now have both different colors and shapes to assist users with reduced color perception.

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