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Admin - Templates

The ROAD Admin Templates page is used for managing and testing templates, for example:

  • Search for templates

  • View template details

  • Duplicate templates

  • Import templates from a file

  • Export a template to a file

  • Rename a template

  • Edit a template

  • Delete a template

  • Test a template by creating a job from it

Modifying a template

Click the Edit menu button to edit or rename a template.

Save your modifications by pushing the Update button or discard your changes by pushing the Cancel button.

Creating a template

Click the Create Template button to create a new template.

Enter a template name and decide about the initial JSON for the template.

Some JSON skeletons provided allow to directly enter values for some template properties in the section Variables:

Testing a template

Test a template by pushing the Test Template button.

The currently visible JSON will be used for the test, even it maybe is not yet saved.

The play, pause and stop buttons will change their state according to the state of the test job.

A level meter is displayed showing the audio level output of the job.

If an error occurs it is displayed below.

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