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Ensuring that these dependencies are correctly installed and updated to their specified versions is crucial for the smooth functioning of WebDigAIRange.

Primary Dependency

  • BCS Service: WebDigAIRange's primary dependency is the BCS Service. For seamless integration and performance, please ensure that you have version 6.1.425.0 or later of the BCS Service installed.

Additional Dependencies Based on Configuration

WebDigAIRange's functionality is enhanced with the support of DPE services. Depending on your specific configuration and requirements, the following DPE services may be necessary:

  • DPE / Content Service: Version 2.6 or later is required. This service provides essential content management capabilities that WebDigAIRange utilizes for its operations.

  • DPE / Parameter Service: Version 2.6 or later is required. This service is vital for managing the parameters and configurations within WebDigAIRange, ensuring flexible and efficient operation.

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