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TP_ Commands Executed in WTP

Macro commands start with prefix "TP_" is run in clients / GUI (WTP belongs to GUI) (TurboPlayer has concepts as engine and GUI), and therefore, the parameters are local to clients.

Supported Commands

  • TP_StandardScreen
  • TP_Selection
  • TP_ChangeUserButtonProp


TP_ commands are mainly used for User Button in WTP, the following section is taken from "Customize User Interface".

User Button

A user button can be configured, to trigger macros in TurboPlayer. The following arguments are available:


Displayed text in user button (Example: Select Up)


TurboPlayer macro name (Example: TP_Selection)


Parameters which are handed over to TurboPlayer macro. (Example: *, Show, Up, 1)

Dynamic parameters:

  • “%Id%”: the Button ID (Button: Macro (ID: theID)) is handed over to macro
  • “%CursorId%”: the UI cursor selection is handed over to macro
  • for available commands and their parameters, query TurboPlayer and TurboPlayerService TechManual
  • for macro command TP_ChangeUserButtonProp specifictly, supported property name and value patterns include the following as examples: Background, #0000ff; Top, 100px; Left, 100px; Width, 50px; Height: 100px; Title, "User Button - New Title". (Font is not yet supported)


Supported property names are as following:

  • Background
  • Top, Left
  • Width, Height
  • Title

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