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Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation Shortcuts

Navigating through the application's different components can be done by using different keyboard shortcuts, this promotes accessibility to CAE's various features.

'Tab' and 'Shift+Tab' navigation

Pressing the 'Tab' keys moves focus to the next component and 'Shift+Tab' moves to the previous one.

'Arrow' keys navigation

These shortcuts are applicable specifically to areas where there are drop-downs / sub-menus, tabs etc. e.g. in the Top Menu pressing the 'arrow-down' key expands a sub-menu. you can then use arrow keys to navigate through the different menu items.

Navigate to specific Areas

CAE also provides configurable shortcuts to directly jump to a specific area:

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut Keys

Sets focus on Text Area.

If text mode is disabled then pressing this shortcut will enable text mode and then sets focus on Text Area.



Sets focus on Timeline Area.

If waveform mode is disabled then pressing this shortcut will enable waveform mode and then sets focus on Timeline Area.


Sets focus on Search input field in the toolbar.


Action Shortcuts

Some actions can be invoked from anywhere using shortcut keys.

Knowing which keys trigger which action is simple. The configured shortcuts for these actions are either displayed as plain text (e.g. menu items) or they are displayed as tool-tips (e.g. items in the toolbar).

Most of these shortcuts can be configured from the Options Dialog.

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