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Other Color Parameters

Text Color for Titles in Main Grid

The titles of entries in the main grid can be shown in different text colors, depending on the entry type (e.g. group) or state (e.g. recording, virtual, existing, etc.). The colors are stored since a long time (e.g. DBM v4) as parameters in the |DBM|MainScreen| folder, and all parameter names are prefixed with the name of the current theme. E.g., the parameter, which defines the title color for groups, when the default light theme (named "UIScheme_light") is used, is named |DBM|MainScreen|UIScheme_Light_GroupColor3 .

The following color parameters exist in |DBM|MainScreen|:

Parameter nameDescription
<Theme name>_StateColors3 Colors for various entry states
<Theme name>_EditorColor3Color for state "Edited"
<Theme name>_GroupColor3Color for groups
<Theme name>_CollectionColorColor for collections
<Theme name>_IncompleteColor3Color for state "Incomplete"
<Theme name>_AvailableColor3Color for state "Available"

All parameters are read in the usual USER/LOCAL/GLOBAL priority sequence.

(warning) You should not modify the values directly in the DigaSystem registry!

Instead, use the "Colors" tab in DBM's Settings Dialog. The available colors are either read from the theme's Color_Text_n  parameters or, if these don't exist, from defaults defined for UIScheme_light and UIScheme_dark. Values are always saved back to the USER parameters.

To distribute a common set of colors to all users, define suitable colors with one user (e.g. ADMIN), and then copy these user's |DBM|MainScreen|<Theme name>_xxx parameters to your GLOBAL |DBM|MainScreen| folder. However, due to the USER/LOCAL/GLOBAL priority, the GLOBAL colors will not apply to users, who have already set their own entry title colors by modifying color entries in the Settings Dialog.

Media-Type based Text Color for Titles in Main Grid

With the setting |DBM|ShowColorForMediaType=TRUE (the default is FALSE), the colors for the titles of audio or text entries are not chosen from the colors explained in the preceding section. Instead the color is chosen depending on the type of media file(s) attached to the entry. The following parameters must be defined in folder |DBM|:

Parameter nameDescription
<Theme name>_AudioColor Color for entry with audio file
<Theme name>_TextColorColor for entry with text file
<Theme name>_AudioTextColorColor for entry with audio and text file


  • The parameters are read in LOCAL/GLOBAL priority sequence. They cannot be defined on USER level.
  • Before the introduction of themes, the parameters were named simply "AudioColor", "TextColor" and "AudioTextColor". If the theme-prefixed parameters are not found, DBM tries to read the old ones. Only if these are missing too, DBM will apply default values.
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