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Configuring StoryConnect

Following configurations can be made for getting a proper working StoryConnect Tab:

URL of Address Book Service

DBM retrieves available target list from the StoryConnect Address Book Service whose URL must be configured.

ValueString: URL of the StoryConnect Address Book Service
DescriptionThe StoryConnect Address Book Service is accessed when you open the StoryConnect Tab the first time in a DBM session. During this access, you will experience a short delay until the tab is displayed. The service's response is cached so that you will not see this delay again until you close DBM.

DBM Specific URL Override

In rare cases, you may have to use a different URL for DBM than for other services like DPE, or for DBM at a specific workstation. Since DBM version 5.10.8267.0, you can achieve this with a DBM specific parameter.

ValueString: URL of the StoryConnect Address Book Service
DescriptionThis parameter overrides the parameter of the same name at Common|StoryConnect, and is used by DBM only.

You can set this parameter in the GLOBAL or LOCAL registry.

Display the "All" Target

A parameter controls whether an "All" item is inserted at the to of the tree of available distribution targets. Sending a group to "All" does not necessarily mean the same as sending to every single target listed in the tree; rather, "All" is a special target whose meaning is determined in the configuration of the StoryConnect service.

The parameter can be specified for a user, for a workstation, or globally. Workstation settings override global settings, and user settings override both workstation and global settings.

ValuesTRUE or YES or 1, or FALSE or NO or 0
DescriptionDetermines whether the "All" target is inserted into the available targets tree.
Default value1




Availability of StoryConnect Tab

Admin.exe allows to configure per table, which tabs are visible for which class.

  • Connect via ODBC to your database server
  • Go to the respective table
  • And configure "Classes"

Here you can configure StoryConnect Tab, too, as otherwise this tab won't appear.

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