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StoryConnect Tab

This tab is only displayed in the entry mask for a group, and only if the current database table is configured for this tab.

The StoryConnect tab lets you select StoryConnect distribution targets, e.g. other radio stations and/or departments across your StoryConnect network.

  • The StoryConnect tab lists on its left side all available targets.
  • The right side lists the selected targets.
  • If any targets are listed when you open the entry mask, then these targets have been stored in a previous session. They cannot be removed. However, see "Upgrading a Target" on this page.

Selecting a Target

To select a target, click the

"plus" button next to the destination's name.

  • You can add each destination once only. Destinations are listed in the order in which you added them.
  • Click the
     "X" button to remove a destination from the list.
  • When you close the entry mask via the "OK" button, the list of selected destinations is stored in the database as entry metadata, When you open the mask for the same entry again, you will again see your selection of destinations.

Special Targets

  • The "All" target top of the list of available destinations is not simply "everything in the list". Its special meaning is defined by the StoryConnect configuration. The "All" target is only present if both internal and external targets are available.
  • The "Internal" targets usually are within your radio station. The "Internal" target is absent if no such destinations are provided by your StoryConnect Address Book service.
  • Likewise, the "External" target is absent if no external targets are configured.
  • All destinations except "All" and internal destinations can have departments attached to them. You can either select the complete destination (radio station) or some of its departments as distribution targets.

Parent and Child Targets

The left part of the StoryConnect tab displays targets in a hierarchical manner. Several targets have subordinate targets.

In the example depicted above:

  • "Internal" and "External" are subordinate to "All", and
  • "MDR", "NDR", "BR", and "HR" are subordinate to "External".
  • MDR, BR, and HR have subordinate targets (departments) which cannot be seen right now.

We call subordinate targets children, and the node to which they are subordinate is called the parent.

When you add a parent node to the list of selected nodes, its selected children (if any) are automatically removed from the list, and all its children become unselectable.

For example, this happens when you select "External":

However, when you remove the parent node from the list, the children which were removed are re-added to the list for your convenience.

Upgrading a Target

A target cannot be removed from the list once the list has been saved to the database. You can, however, replace a saved target by its parent, grandparent, etc. We call this "upgrading" a target. Adding a parent to the list removes its children. When you remove the parent, the children are restored; however, you cannot remove the children unless they have been added in the current session.

There exist several options for Configuring StoryConnect

Using the Keyboard

The StoryConnect tab can be controlled by using the keyboard alone; you need not use the mouse. All Windows standard navigation keys are available. To open and close sub trees in the "Available targets" area, use the "+" and "-" keys. (The ENTER key does not work here because it "presses" the OK button.)

To add a target to the "Selected targets" list, select the desired target in "Available targets", then press Alt+Right arrow.

To remove a target from "Selected targets", either elect the target in "Available targets" and press Alt+Left arrow, or select the target in "Selected targets" and press Delete, "-" (minus), or Alt+Left arrow.

These keys cannot be re-assigned through the "Key shortcuts" page of the Setting dialog.

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