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Introduction to SAF Monitor

SAF Module overview

Using SAF Monitor requires the DPE license SafMonitor and the action right DpeAdmin.OpenSafMonitor, also see DPE Licenses and Action Rights.

SAF Monitor enables you to

  • Search for modules, also see Searching in DPE Web Applications
  • Check the state and version of modules
  • Start and Stop Modules by selecting modules in the main area and clicking the top menu button Start or Stop. Stopping a module will ask the module to finish its current work and stop gracefully.
  • See the details and the configuration of modules by selecting them and clicking the top menu button Details.

Open the Web Admin and select SAF Monitor to start monitoring and managing SAF modules.

Gathering information about SAF Modules is started the first time somebody searches for modules. It will take some seconds until all servers have responded with their state. As an alternative you can start the gathering of information when DPE Server starts up, see SafServiceAutomaticStart in Configuring web.config Files.

SAF Monitor requires your firewall settings to allow communication between SAF Servers and DPE Server, see DPE Firewall Settings.

Configuring SAF Modules

Configuring Workflow Worker

See Configuring Workflow Worker

Configuring Job Processors

See Configuring Job Processors

Configuring Workflow Folder Watcher

See Configuring Workflow Folder Watcher

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