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Save Project and Start a Workflow in RCE

This section is part of Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in RCE.

The pluginRceSaveAndWorkflow plugin saves the current project and then starts a workflow with the project entry. These workflows are either supplied with the starting package or have been specifically developed for the customer. These customized workflows range from file conversion to posting on Facebook. Additionally, completely customizable workflow templates can be created using the Workflow Editor. 



Specifies which plugin is used.


Type: JSON formatted string

Please read on for a list of standard workflow templates, how to import them and see detailed Config examples.

....There are numerous general keys which can be used to customize this top menu item. Please see Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in RCE for an extensive list of keys.

The configuration can be imported into DigaSystem Administrator with the file “RoughCutEdit_Menu_RenderProject.PAR” in the subfolder “PAR_examples” of your DPE installation package.

Setting the Config Key

The config key includes either the name of the workflow template or a JSON string. In both cases, desired workflow templates have to be imported into the Workflow system, before the templates can be used.

Information for the workflow can also be requested from the user with a dialogue box containing input labels and/or drop-down options. This dialogue box is defined using the headline and arguments key, as visible in the code examples.

For a JSON string, the following keys can be assigned as visible in the example Config keys:




The header of the dialogue box that appears when the menu item is clicked. A dialogue box will only appear if the 'headline''label' or 'options' key is defined.


The workflow template name which is executed. See how to import workflow templates in the chapter above.


Arguments are used to asign values required by a workflow via a user dialogue. They are listed in key/value pairs like "Key1": "Value1", "Key2": {"SubKey2": "SubValue 2"}

Example: Basic Dialog Config

  "Workflow": "CmVideoProjectRendering", 
    "MclTemplate": "PAL MXF XDCAM HD422 1080i AES3 302m", 
    "IgnoreAudioRouting+System.Boolean": "False"
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